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In 1997 a group of forward thinking St. Mary School parents had a vision. That vision was to enhance the educational experience for not only the students in school at that time, but for all future students to come. They felt, as we continue to feel today, that it is extremely important to give students a solid moral and educational foundation, especially in today’s rapidly changing world. In the spring of 1997, in an attempt to achieve their dream, they worked together to create the first St. Mary Catholic School Benefit Auction - "A Spring Happening."

In the years since the auction began, many of the original goals have been achieved - there are now computers in every classroom and the media center, the library has been updated with newer books, new flooring has been installed in the gymnasium, and with the efforts of a separate capital campaign, a new addition is being built to replace the classrooms housed in the 100 year old original school building. All of these much needed improvements made throughout the years have helped our students to be successful.

To continue the vision, we will once again hold our annual St. Mary’s School Auction the evening of April 27th, 2019. The auction will be held in the gymnasium of St. Mary Catholic School, 101 East 9th Street, Newton Kansas.

The auction consists of several different areas - The Auction Dinner, the Live Auction, the Silent Auction, and the Raffle.

We hope to use the funds raised this year to upgrade our security systems for the school to provide a safer environment for the students at St. Mary.

Many of You have been very generous in the past with your donations of goods or services, and so we hope that you will continue in contributing to this worthy cause

Your tax deductible contribution may come in the form of a physical item, a gift certificate, a cash donation. The larger gifts will be placed in the live auction and the others in the silent auction. Your name, or company’s name will be included in the advertisements and promotional material to be distributed throughout this area.

We would like to thank you in advance for your consideration.

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